Graduate Program in Biological Sciences: Physiology and Pharmacology


The Graduate Program in Biological Sciences: Physiology and Pharmacology of the ICB, UFMG, with its academic Masters (since 1972) and Doctoral (since 1993) courses has 39 permanent facility members and 12 collaborators, which work on 16 research lines that cover physiological, pharmacological, biochemical and molecular aspects of many different themes. Since its creation, the program maintains as its principal objective the preparation of professionals with a multidisciplinary background that are able to compete in the national and international job market within the area of Physiological Sciences.

In addition to basic research, the Graduate Program is involved in technical research related to the development of new drugs. Our competence is this technological field had led to several national and international patent and to the creation of a Profession Masters couse in Technological Innovation and Intelectual Property, in 2008, as well as the participation of our faculty in the creation of a Doctoral course in Technical Innovation and Biopharmacy (2016).

The qualification of our faculty, laboratory infrastructure, diversity of research lines and experimental approaches were responsible, since the first Evaluation of Graduate Programs by CAPES, for achieving the highest rating, level 7. These indicators attest to the relevant participation of this Graduate Program in the area of Biological Sciences.

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